Case Studies

Case Studies

Besides moving laser cut or other procution methods to stampings (When to Stamp); contained here are some cases where Acro has helped make a difference in the manufacturing procedure; resulting in cost reduction.  In most cases the use of new technology accounts for the ability to produce parts with less labor or more quickly.  Acro finds that it assists in the re-engineering of about 50% of the parts for which it builds toolings for.  Acro also finds itself Retrofitting Old Tools to Run More Efficiently in our new AC Servo Presses.  Please review the links below for some thoughts on how we might be able to reduce your costs.

2 Bends in 1 Stroke (Cut Labor in Half)

Remove Polishing with Slow Draw

Stamp a Step that had to be Machined

Re-Shoring for NAFTA tax break

Pinch Trim Removes Machining Operation

Full Hard Stainless Steel From Heat Treated & Black Oxided 1050 Steel Yields 35% Savings

Review our Part Archive for details on other parts in production at Acro