Case Studies

Case Study 6

Changing to Full Hard Stainless Steel From Heat Treated & Black Oxided 1050 Steel Yields 35% Savings.

As you can see from the image below keeping such a long thin part to stay flat in heat treatment and then having to hand rack them for Black Oxide got very expensive.  In most cases when volume increases costs go down, but in this case the only finishers that could handle the much higher volume needed charged a lot more than the smaller organizations that could handle the higher volume.   So when we went from 1,000 per month to 10,000 per month there was a 35% increase in cost to the part.

However after exploring several options and running samples several times, we determined that with just minor changes to the tooling, we could get a comparable part by going to 300 series full hard stainless steel.  Eliminating the 2 outside processes allowed us to control the consistency of the part, eliminate potential warping and reduce cost back to where we had initially started.