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Layman Description of a Servo Press

What makes the technology involved in the hybrid AC Servo Presses so unique that it allows for such cost savings.

Think of the fly wheel that turns the press arm up and down as a race car going around a race track.

A tradtional press is like a car with no accelerator or brakes.  It has to go just one speed and that as slow as it needs to go to hanlde the tighest turn (or hardest part of the draw).

A servo can accelerate and brake.  It has the ability to speed up when on the straightaways (or before and after material is contacted).

Actually a servo can just go back and forth over the finish line in certain applications (the full stroke is not neccesary in blanking)

“I could beat a nascar with a golf cart; if i could just drive back and forth over the finish line”  According to Komatsu Trainers.

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