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New Digital Image Dimension Measuring System

We recently purchased a new piece of equipment for our quality lab which will cut the time required to check flat parts to a fraction of that previously required.  This will result in greater frequency of inspection and higher quality for your parts.

Large Field of View

200 × 200 mm 7.87 × 7.87″ in size.

Measure Dimensions at Specified Heights

Accurately measure dimensions previously impossible with vision systems

“Place-and-Press” Inspection

After placing the part on the stage, just press the button and in just 3 seconds you will receive 99 measurements on up to 100 parts with an OK/NG judgment, significantly reducing quality inspection time.

Eliminate Operator Error

Measurements are now consistent regardless of who’s operating the system. Just open the program, place the part, press the measure button, and the system will automatically remember the dimensions that need to be measusred, illumination conditions, and automatically focus the part.

Automatic Data Recording and Inspection Reports

Automatically records and saves results as the measurement is performed.  Complete inspection and analysis reports automatically on the system without having to manually record the data by hand.

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