Precision Custom Stamping

When to Stamp

Stamping is commonly held to be the least expensive method of producing medium to large quantities of custom engineered components. (Less expensive than Casting, Molding, Forming, Laser/Water Cutting, etc.)

Guide To Metal Part Costs

The Question then usually is: “When can a part be stamped?”

The traditional answer is once the volume grows enough.

However, the true answer is there is a simple formula where part complexity is inversely related to volume… the more complex the part; the fewer need to be produced to justify tooling up for stamping.

Can Your Part be Stamped for Less?

With new technology…

Parts that had to be laser cut for tight tolerances can now be stamped.

Parts that had to be machined can now be stamped  (See Case Study).

Parts that had to be made in multiple operations can now be stamped (See Case Study)

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