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Tooling Transfer

With The Changes to the manufacturing industry over the past few years; we’ve taken over and run almost 200 dies in the last 2 years.  Nearly all punch press tooling is able to be adapted to run in our equipment.  We’ve taken over and run everything from a single die making a simple large bracket, to a dozen progressive dies for small tight tolerance components; to running over 100 dies in a short time to cover for a plant closing.  See below for some testimonials and examples of how we’ve assisted and reduced costs.

“we needed to outsource our stampings – these were normally stamped within our own factory. We selected four suppliers to assist with this project. Of the four, Acro was the most proactive and successful of our choices. They have proved to be cordial, professional, and excellent problem solvers. They were the first of the four to deliver parts to our dock, they have consistently delivered finished goods to our assembly lines on time or better, and their quality has been 100% to date. We can recommend Acro Metal Stamping without reservation, and intend to place and maintain business with them.

Kirk Tyler | Master Scheduler | DE-STA-CO”

Running Your Existing Dies in the Latest Technology Presses Can Reduce Your Costs.

1950's Die

1950’s Die

Most Dies can be Retrofitted to run in new Hybrid AC Servo Presses:

Acro Has the Most Servo Presses in the Midwest

Lower Part Costs:

  • More parts per hour can be produced.
  • Servo presses use material more efficiently.

Extend Your Tooling’s Life:

  • Less Jarring motion means longer lasting tools
  • Even Warped Dies can be made to function.

Convert Your Existing Tooling:

1940's Die

1940’s Die

  • More bed sizes, speeds and drawing options.

Improved Drawing & Forming:

  • Fewer hits means less time and less die wear.

All Kinds of Dies

  •   Progressive
  •   Compound
  •   Punch Press
  •   Deep Draw

Max Die Size: 30” x 60” x 24”

Damaged Die - Bent (Banana-ed)

Damaged Die – Bent (Banana-ed)

See How Much You Can Save

Submit a print of you part and photo of the die if possible and Acro will provide a quote.